Visiting Ima Survivor Sanctuary



 Now Hosting Group and Private Tours! 

All Group Tour Dates can be found on our Facebook Page.

All private tours and overnight stays in our Barndiminium must be booked by contacting



Ima Survivor Sanctuary is not open to the general public.

As this is also our home where we raise our children and fur family, we must schedule any and all visits and tours. We are blessed to live this lifestyle and we like to pay that blessing forward by showcasing our farm on our Social Media Platforms for the world to see, but for a more personal experience we are able to offer tour dates for animal interactions and education. 



** This is home to our our animals and as they do certain things on our videos, it does not guarantee they will do those things during visits. We promise all animals will be here, but they are not trained to do tricks on demand. They have moods and personalities just like humans and on any given day they may not be up for interactions.

Tour Pricing

♦ Group Tours $10.00 Per Person

♦ Private Tours (Up to 6 people, $200.00)

♦ Overnight Stays (up to 2 adults- $200.00 per night)

Things to Know

♦ All visits require reservations and prepayment.

♦ Tours are non-refundable as space is limited, we purchase items in advance for your visit.

♦ Tours last approximately 1.5 hours.

Important Notes for Your Visit

♦ Bringing Animals- We do not allow anyone to bring animals or pets to our farm. This is for the safety of your animals and ours. This does include service and companion animals of any kind. Animals may also not be left in cars due to safety.

♦ Smoking or Drinking- We are a smoke and alcohol free farm. At no point can anyone smoke or drink during the visits.

♦ Outside Animal Food- We do not allow outside food to be fed to our animals on the date of your visit. They are on specific diets and all food and snacks will be provided by us.

♦ Children- All visitors must stay with the tour and must follow all posted and verbal instructions. Parents must supervise their children. Any attempt to harm, disrupt, aggravate, entice or intimidate the animals will prompt immediate removal from our grounds.

♦ Dates and Times- Tours have a beginning and end time. You should arrive no more than 10 minutes early- as our gates will not be open. Our tours also have an end time as we have to allow time for our family- both human and fur.

This is OUR home. Boundaries must be respected and if at any point WE feel this isn't the case, visitors will be asked to leave.