Our Story

It started as a beautiful Friday morning but no one could have known this would be the day when our lives were forever changed.

The sky was still clouded with outskirts of rainbands circling the monster called Harvey, but even with the 63 inches of rain that fell over a four day span, the Rocking M Ranch was still high and dry.  That false sense of security wouldn't last for long.  At some point that morning the San Jacinto River Authority was forced to open it's floodgates to release pressure on it's levys and dams to prevent a would-be breech.  With absolutely no warning, those floodwaters began to consume everything in it's path.  Water began flowing across pastures and soon began to occupy all dry space normally grazed by a wide variety of farm animals. Eventually water entered the Morrow home. We had no choice but to release all the pets and livestock, give quick hugs and kisses, say a prayer and evacuate our family to higher ground.
We received pictures and videos of our home, inundated by 6 feet of water with absolutely no dry land in sight.  For three days we mourned the loss of our fur family. But on the day of our return, among all the horror of lost barns, destroyed homes and many deceased animals, a miracle emerged!
That moment was caught on camera and that video went viral prompting world-wide support for the farmer, his loss, and especially for what remained.
It is this miracle of life, the struggle to live, and the fight to survive that led to the creation of our Sanctuary. We have taken on the responsibility and made it our mission to provide a safe haven for other survivors from all harm.  Whether it be abuse or neglect, abandonment or even the inability for an owner to provide adequate care for their pet, we will provide that refuge.
This 100 acre ranch is nestled quietly in the beautiful city of Plum Grove, Texas.  It is bordered by the mighty San Jacinto River to the west and has a variety of ponds, creeks and open grasslands.

August of 2017 left scars on our hearts. Ima Survivor Donkey and Farm Animal Sanctuary is our way of taking tragedy and turning it into triumph.

We are so grateful to those who follow us on social media and for the animals we call family, too. Thank you for reading our story and for loving the animals as we do.

Lester & Jami